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I'Velo Urban

We spend our days between traffic lights and desktops. We breathe the air we breathe, we are sedentary and, at least once a year, we would like to change our lifestyle!

You've got where you need to go: choose I’Velo Urban, the first and largest bike-sharing system in Romania.

We already have 6 years and 22 stations, and the growth of our project demonstrates an increase in the popularity of the bicycle as a utility vehicle, which generates an increasing need for integration in this sustainable and healthy system.

If we have convinced you, we will give you some useful details about our service and the facilities you have.

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I'Velo Urban
is available 24/7.

Info / Service
021 327 57 78

For any question or problem you can call us daily at our call centre number, between 10:00 – 22:00.

Remember that the bike/electric scooter can be rented with a valid subscription, which will allow you to use the bike/scooter unlimited. You can ride your bike/scooter in sessions of 2 hours with the mention that, during the 2 hours, the "Extra time" button will be activated, and you will decide, whether or not to extend the riding session. Exceeding the riding period without scanning the bike entails additional costs.

In addition, with the I’Velo subscription you have access to the I’Velo Relax bicycles and scooters, those in the parks. Don't forget to return the bike/scooter from where you took them: those from the automated stations to any other automated station, those from the Relax centers, to another Relax center.

Exceeding the minutes included in the pedaling session entails additional costs.


How do I rent?

  1. You have two options to rent:
    • Download the I'Velo app and rent a bicycle/scooter by scanning the QR code
    • You select an available bicycle and pick it up from the bicycle rack after 10 seconds.
  2. The number of rentals is unlimited. Before the expiration of 120 minutes, the EXTRA TIME button will be activated and you will choose whether or not to extend your ride. The extension of the race is free.
  3. The electric scooters and be rented only with the I'Velo app.

How do I return the bicycle?

  1. Identify a free post in the automatic bicycle rack; the available posts are marked by the green light.
  2. Place the bicycle in the post you have chosen.
  3. Once placed, the bicycle will be locked automatically, and the rental session is closed.
  4. Bring the card close to the control panel and log in.
  5. Notice the status of your account; if you have extra cost, you must pay it before the next rental.
  6. Optionally, print the receipt.


I’Velo bikes and scooters can be rented based on a valid subscription / service with the I’Velo app.

Download the I’Velo app and you have two options to register:

  1. With the Orange phone number - individual subscription;
    Simple and fast: just by providing the phone number and entering a verification sms. You get instant approval and you can enjoy our bike or scooter ride.
  2. If you are not an Orange member:
    1. Create a new account or login with your Facebook profile;
    2. Take a picture of your ID;
    3. Take a selfie with your ID;
    4. Wait for the approval from the I’Velo operator.

After you will be notified that your account was activated, you will need to enter your bank card, to purchase a subscription / service.

After this you scan the QR code, the bike/scooter will be released from the dock and you can start riding.

Once your account has been approved:

  • If you are at an I’Velo Relax center, scan the barcode on the bike, take the bike and confirm the rental with the I’Velo operator.
  • If you are at an I’Velo Urban station, scan the QR code on the bike / scooter or on the station, the bike / scooter is unlocked, pull it out of the rack and enjoy the ride.

Yes, you can create a new account or log in with your Facebook profile:

  1. Take a picture of your ID;
  2. Take a selfie with your ID;
  3. Wait for validation from the I’Velo operator.

After you will be notified for your account activation, you will need to enter your bank card, to purchase a subscription / service.

After this step you scan the QR code, the bike / scooter will be released from the dock and you can start walking.

You can get a subscription directly from the I’Velo mobile app or from any of the I’Velo Relax centers (Herastrau Park, Youth Park, IOR Park).

A green light post shows that the bicycle can be rented or can be returned.

The red light means a defect or unavailable docking post.

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