Fashionable Makeup Zombies on Halloween

Halloween is no longer around the corner, and if you are looking for inspiration for your suit, see these zombie makeup lessons. Makeup with special effects in these videos is quite outstanding and will help you turn into a real terrible game.

What is a good image of a zombie for Halloween? With its simplicity and relevance. They put on all the vintage rags, made the appropriate case of makeup in the decomposed style, beat the hair on fashionable, not forgotten about the manicure - and everything, you can go having fun. And no one will call you the incompetent and backward - zombies now in fashion.

We have already written about the manicure in the style of Zombies, we will now move to makeup. Suppose you were not so long ago shot a control shot in the head, did not really buried, but only swept away. So you still have a kind, but until the complete decomposition is still very far away. So all that we need is a trace of a shot, dried blood, light traces of decomposition, outstanding cheekbones and terrible eyes.

To begin with, take care of the track from the head. There must be a hole with charred edges and protrusion brain sticking. The hole is best to make a special theater grima, which will be better consolidated by special theatrical glue.

There was still nothing better here, as if video bloggers from YouTube were triggered. Although many are not well controlled with marzipan for modeling and carbon black glue. But it is very much for extremals in life and on makeup. Although you can, of course, try and such an option.

Next you will need all the same theatrical makeup, children's markers to paint face or your cosmetics.

Brains can well be replaced with bloodied wool, traces of gunpowder and decomposition draw in mascara for eyelashes.

You can get a dead paleness by mixing your powder with a baby supper or talc. The flour of fine grinding is also suitable, including pea, light green forces.

Do not forget about dark circles under the eyes, only here they do not need to smear by the consilet, but on the contrary, to emphasize, add paints and halftone.

Cheeky emphasize with something black and gray, best shadows. Here are suitable for cream and crumbly.

Baked blood can be drawn with a lipstick of a suitable shade, the death lips perfectly emphasize the black and blue shadows, for example, the famous tattoo from Mabelin.

And do not forget about the eyes. They can be completely empty, that is, dark failed in the style of poorly painted smokers, but you can leave them alive, shining, migrating about mercy and eager for revenge. To begin our article about 1XBET let’s take a look at the design and colour scheme of the website. The 1XBET website has been created using mainly blue and white as the base colours and that makes everything clear and easy to understand. What is the 1XBet Promo Code? is fantastic and offers new customers at 1XBET a 100% bonus up to €/$130 (or currency equivalent). That means you can make a first deposit of up to €/$130 and you will receive the same amount back in free bets. You will then be automatically entitled to the 1XBET 100% bonus up to €/$130, which is a great way to start betting at the website.

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